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Brad Strickland

Analytics Driven SEO Specialist

Tools and Techniques I Use

  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Maps
  • Agency Analytics
  • Yext
  • Brightlocal
  • Go High Level
  • Whatconverts
  • Twilio
  • WordPress
  • Google Organic Ranking Techniques
  • Google Local and GMP Ranking Techniques
  • Google Mobile Ranking Techniques
  • You Tube Ranking Techniques
  • On page SEO Techniques
  • Off page Page SEO Techniques
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The story so far...

I am a Data Driven SEO Specialist living in Birmingham, Alabama. I have worked in the SEO/Web Design/Web DevelopmentĀ field for all of my working careers. In that time I have developed skills in Google Organic Ranking Techniques, Google Local and GMP Ranking Techniques, Google Mobile Ranking Techniques, YouTube Ranking Techniques, On page SEO Techniques, Off page Page SEO Techniques, Web Design, HTML, CSS and WordPress. I have worked at Alabama Media Group, formerly and several Internet marketing firms in Birmingham.

In my spare time, I have volunteered with the Humane Society. Where I assisted with their adoption program for cats and dogs. Some of them came home with me. I'm also into productivity tips, productivity hacks and play guitar in my spare time.